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November 21, 2008 anotherchristianvegan

I have been vegetarian for a very long time, and vegan for quite a few years. In the past I used to explore eastern religions, because they seemed to accommodate my being vegan. However, that really was the only appeal that they held. Not long ago I became a Christian, and have found this to be the most joyful decision and experience I could have had. However, I have experienced a lot of persecution from other Christians because I do not eat meat. I am told that I have been deceived into thinking that I am not allowed to eat animals, I am told that I think it is unclean, and I am told that I need to be “delivered” of it.


Well, first of all, it is perfectly clear from Scripture that God did not say to us that we MUST eat meat, nor did he say that we MUST NOT. In Genesis, at our creation, we are given all the green plants to eat, as are the animals. Before the Flood, generations and generations of people lived for hundreds and hundreds of years as vegans – without even an egg, and by logical reasoning, no milk after teething. After the Flood meat is given to us as provision because the earth is pretty barren from vegetation when Noah gets off the ark. Not once though, does God tell Noah, it is COMPULSORY that you will eat meat; He simply provided by means of animals because he did not want his few remaining people to starve. From this, does it not seem logical, that if you happen to live in abundant supply of greenery, that you are free to eat only the greenery if you so choose? If Noah had disembarked to a land as lush as pre-Flood lands, would the meat covenant have been made? Well, that question is null and void anyway, because the Flood by definition and purpose was entirely destructive.

My first point is basically, that my eating or not eating meat is not interfering with my salvation. I am saved by grace through faith, not by food.


Secondly, I know my reasons. It is a bit rude to walk up to someone you have never met before and declare to them the reasons for their actions, and then on top of that to “inform” them that their alleged reasons come from deception. Certain people have decided (without asking me) that I do not eat meat because I have been deceived into thinking that it is unclean. I was then told, quite loudly, that I need to be “delivered” of this.


Well, my reasons are none of the above. I simply have compassion toward animals, something which I have not yet found to be forbidden in the Bible, in addition to which I care about the environment, and about people. The methods used today to “slaughter” animals are horrendous. Back in the Bible (or in the Torah, since this was established in Old Testament times), Kosher slaughter of an animal meant one quick slice to the throat. No struggling, no questionable feed, none of what gets done today. No one had any business keeping their livestock locked in cages or feeding them the ground up remains of their own species.


As well as this, the practises that go on today are so damaging to the earth and do not really solve the problem of hungry people.


So, although some people might deem compassion toward animals a sin, that is my reason for being vegan. And compassion is not something of which I wish to be delivered. I know that a lot of people like to try to convince other people to live as they live. I am not here to do that, so I would appreciate the same.


One more question: am I less able to spread the Gospel and live in the joy of the Lord if I do not eat meat?


At the end of the day, I am terrified of God. Just like any Christian should be.


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